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December 02, 2018
feature_request_tiny.png 14:30  Feature request #508 - Set height value limit
Morgan : Issue created
Please make it possible somehow that a "height value limit" can be set, which is to say that when raising and lowering the terrain then it cannot go below or above the given limit. Example: I want to lower the terrain, so I am just painting on the map with the Lower Terrain tool, but I don't want my terrain to go below 10. Setting a height value limit to 10 with the option "do not go below" would make it so even if I use the Lower Terrain tool on the hexagons whom heights are 10 then it would remain 10... until I change the new height value limit. Could be used with either "do not go below" and "do not go above" options. Thanks!
feature_request_tiny.png 14:24  Feature request #507 - Set selection of hexagons to height value X
Morgan : Issue created
Please make it possible to have it so a Selection of hexagons can be set to a height value given. I've tried using copy/pasting as an alternative way but 1- I didn't manage to use the tool? and 2- it would be better with a simple button. Thanks!
December 01, 2018
feature_request_tiny.png 16:37  Feature request #506 - Select all hexagons that have the same height and are adjacent
Morgan : Issue created
Please make it possible to select all hexagons that have the same height and are adjacent.

Example: hexagons' height info

7 7 7 5 5 5
7 7 5 5 5 5
5 5 3 3 2 1

clicking on 5 would select all the hexagons whom height is 5 and not 7, nor 3, 2 and 1. But not those that are not adjacent.

7 7 7 '''5 5 5'''
7 7 5 5 5 5
5 5 3 3 2 1
feature_request_tiny.png 14:19  Feature request #505 - Make it possible to reverse all hexagons in OW editor
Morgan : Issue created
I would like to have it so it's possible to reverse (as in: mirror) the hexagons in OW editor. For instance, mirroring a map that has a mountain represented as < would end up with the mountain being moved to the other side of the map and inclined in another way, in this case : >

< _ _ _

_ _ _ >

(example of vertical mirroring)

where _ is standard flat terrain

thank you
October 01, 2018
bug_report_tiny.png 22:46  Bug report #504 - Can't pause game while extending a list of engines/guns, etc.
golab19952 : Issue created
When you choose anything, like gun, or engine for vehicle, or weapon for turret from extended list, and it's still open, you are unable to use pause. It doesn't work while any extended list is opened in general. It's not a huge deal, but it still may be annoying.
bug_report_tiny.png 22:31  Bug report #503 - Bug in AM#10
golab19952 : Issue created
[[Image:https://i.imgur.com/vNINWZZ.jpg|AM#10 mission HG medium tracked vehicle]]
Heavy gun on too light vehicle during Russian attacks. Mission on highest difficulty
September 28, 2018
bug_report_tiny.png 19:31  Bug report #502 - Fixes for Am09
Nefek : Issue closed
bug_report_tiny.png 19:30  Bug report #502 - Fixes for Am09
Nefek : Issue created
Bad chassis for heavy gun in mission 09 durring scene in Gamma base.
September 19, 2018
bug_report_tiny.png 19:36  Bug report #501 - OW crashes on launch
stucuk : Issue closed
September 16, 2018
bug_report_tiny.png 22:56  Bug report #501 - OW crashes on launch
Das_Esqueleto : Issue created
Hi, got a problem that I hope someone could advise on. In short, OW crashes immediately every time I try to launch it on Steam, I do not even get to any loading screens or production Co. shorts. I've tried a few different things, running from other apps in the Steam folder and also tried re-installation most recently with no luck. Below is the entire error report:-

General Info
Application : Owarogl
Version : (Steam)

ModName :
ModDir :
ModVer : (0.0)

ErrorType : Unknown
ErrorText : Access violation at address 00000000. Read of address 00000000 EAddress: 00000000

Exception : None
Stack : 006A3BED
Stack : 006A530B
Stack : 7734337A
Stack : 77A292E2
Stack : 77A292B5

Params :
ParamCount : 0

Game Info
Multiplayer : False
Multi.GameState : Undef
Multi.ChatConnLost : False
Multi.IAMServer : False
Multi.Joined : False
Multi.Loaded : False
Multi.MapVersion : 0
Multi.OffLine : False
Multi.OnLine : False
Multi.ServerLost : False
Multi.StatusText :
MultiDef.MapName :

mission_number : 0
mission_campaign : 0
game_difficulty : 2
ingame_video : False
stop_talking : False
stop_action : False
end_of_mission : 0
end_the_mission_allowed : False
dialogue_skipped : False
last_title_ident : -1
last_title_unit : 0
last_title_radio : False
last_title :

lastSail : -1
tick : 0

Random Stuff
GodMode : False
DeveloperMode : False
ModCBMode : True
OfficialMod : False
InterfSide : 1
MultiCore : True

Windows Info
Product : Windows 7
Win32MajorVersion : 6
Win32MinorVersion : 1
BuildNumber : 7601
ServicePack : Service Pack 1
ServicePackMajor : 1
ServicePackMinor : 0

Physical Memory : 3989MB
CPU Name : Intel(R) Celeron(R) CPU B820 @ 1.70GHz
CPU Clock : 1696Mhz
Current CPU Clock : 1696Mhz

Anyone got any suggestions? I would really appreciate the help.
September 07, 2018
enhancement_tiny.png 09:43  Enhancement #500 - Fixed prakun model
stucuk : Issue closed
enhancement_tiny.png 09:42  Enhancement #500 - Fixed prakun model
Serpent : Issue created
My fixed parkun model:

[[http://serpent-site.pl/storage/download/Prakun%20Serpent.rar|New Parkun Files]]
August 31, 2018
bug_report_tiny.png 19:18  Bug report #499 - Cloned Character in Russian Campaign Mission "Pursuit of Progress"
gwren1 : Issue created
The character Jan Kuklajs has a clone/double/replica in the Team Selection of the Russian Mission "Pursuit of Progress".
August 29, 2018
bug_report_tiny.png 11:38  Bug report #498 - Fixes for [AM10_cont], [AM14] and [AM15]
Nefek : Issue closed
bug_report_tiny.png 11:36  Bug report #498 - Fixes for [AM10_cont], [AM14] and [AM15]
Nefek : Issue closed
bug_report_tiny.png 11:35  Bug report #498 - Fixes for [AM10_cont], [AM14] and [AM15]
Nefek : Issue created
Am10_cont: Fix wrong chassis in spawn enemy vehicles.
Am14: If you decide leave only with Macmillan, in AM15 should spawn Vsevolod.
Am15: Now Joan spawn in vehicle if you decide fast end mission 14 without destroy enemy base.
August 20, 2018
feature_request_tiny.png 13:32  Feature request #497 - SGUI should play a sound whenever new chat message appears
Bren : Issue created
Just like in short summary. Dunno, some kind of "ding", bass-boosted explosion, or just the same as in-game chat sound.
bug_report_tiny.png 12:09  Bug report #496 - Ru07 bug: AutoEnemy needs to be switched back on
stucuk : Issue closed
August 19, 2018
bug_report_tiny.png 15:52  Bug report #496 - Ru07 bug: AutoEnemy needs to be switched back on
0dd1 : Issue created
At the start of Ru07 AutoEnemy is set to false, which prevents neutral side becoming an enemy after being attacked by the player. It needs to be set back to true for the next missions, because it doesn't reset on its own, unless the player exits ow.
As it is, AutoEnemy setting is carried over to following missions and creates bugs of neutral sides completely ignoring player's attack, as in Ru12 bug.
bug_report_tiny.png 12:47  Bug report #495 - RU 12 - Green base neutral despite attack
MatiLublin : Issue created
I moved Burlak to the green base and encircled it with my tanks. After their commander demanded to attack his base, I fired on base defences. However, he didn't change attitude to "enemy", still was neutral. When I destroyed depot, his engineer annouced surrender and all green personel joined me.
July 31, 2018
feature_request_tiny.png 11:37  Feature request #494 - Add quick nav icons to SAIL window
Gravitr_2 : Issue created
Add icons for Compile, Run, New module etc. to the SAIL window.

July 14, 2018
enhancement_tiny.png 10:11  Enhancement #493 - Editor - align labels to free more space of the main window
Gravitr_2 : Issue created
Align bottom layer labels (Height layer, Terrain layer..) to the right of the eye checkboxes to save more free space of the main map view.

feature_request_tiny.png 10:03  Feature request #492 - Editor - show direction based on selected arrow
Gravitr_2 : Issue created
Editor could show the current selected direction, for example in the center between the arrows.

July 13, 2018
feature_request_tiny.png 08:31  Feature request #491 - Editor - Update editor's map view on MouseHover on the minimap
Gravitr_2 : Issue created
Update the main editor window (the map view) on mouse hover on the minimap (while holding down left mouse button and hovering among the minimap). Currently, you have to click every time on the minimap when you want to move the view.
June 30, 2018
feature_request_tiny.png 11:11  Feature request #490 - Shortcuts
Iroks : Issue created
How about changing messy shortcuts to grid setup ?
Shortcuts depend on context, mortar under "s" have attack ground, weapon laboratory have research rockets, radar tower have add to grid. All shortcuts depend on the place in the panel. First from the left in top row is "q", middle is "w", right one is "e". Second row have "a" "s" "d". Last row have "z" "x" "c".

So far it's used in arabian campaign for polish version but it can be easily adapted to other languages.
http://puu.sh/AOv8G/6e9948c827.rar my version so far, there are still 2-3 misplaced shortcuts that i keep forgetting to change.
In basic laboratory for some reason shift + w doesn't work and gas engine still needs to be clicked manually.
If you want to use repair function by the driver you can't use shortcut.
May 01, 2018
feature_request_tiny.png 18:26  Feature request #489 - Get movement path
0dd1 : Issue created
Would it be possible to get a function or event, that would return the path that a unit will follow to travel to a hex its ordered to? Or at least some information about the path, like its length?
April 30, 2018
feature_request_tiny.png 21:50  Feature request #488 - Random Music in Menu
Serpent : Issue created
Allow to play random track from Sound/Hudba folder in Mod main menu.
April 08, 2018
feature_request_tiny.png 13:22  Feature request #345 - Add timer SAIL commands
stucuk : Issue closed
bug_report_tiny.png 12:24  Bug report #356 - Babylon - Respawn at hill without exit
SaliSakal : Issue closed
bug_report_tiny.png 12:22  Bug report #356 - Babylon - Respawn at hill without exit
SaliSakal : Issue closed
bug_report_tiny.png 12:22  Bug report #356 - Babylon - Respawn at hill without exit
SaliSakal : Issue closed
bug_report_tiny.png 11:26  Bug report #484 - Access Violation caused by Multi-Missile Ballista
stucuk : Issue closed
April 06, 2018
bug_report_tiny.png 22:45  Bug report #487 - Access Violation at 006479E5 in OwarOGL (
stucuk : Issue closed
bug_report_tiny.png 22:44  Bug report #487 - Access Violation at 006479E5 in OwarOGL (
stucuk : Issue created
if CharNames has the identifier but no name on the next line it will crash
March 23, 2018
feature_request_tiny.png 22:37  Feature request #486 - SAIL - IsReachableXY
Serpent : Issue created
Add function IsReachableXY(unit, x, y) which return true if hex is reachable for current unit.
March 20, 2018
feature_request_tiny.png 19:25  Feature request #485 - UI visualization when the building cannot work
pomek : Issue created
Sometimes buildings in our base cannot work. Most probably if I'm looking for the base, I'll notice it and do something in order to fix that.

The question is - what if I'm fighting out of the base or anything other that steals my attention. My base won't work because something is being blocked. What can it be?

Please see the attached image:

[[Image:https://content.screencast.com/users/pomekPL/folders/Jing/media/d0294f3e-a69d-4b0d-b40b-b700193dd44a/2018-03-20_2013.png|Blocked buildings]]

# An apeman is missing.
# Missing people in the factory.
# The exit from the factory is disabled. The car cannot leave the factory.
# Missing electricity.
# Missing a gun on the tower.
# Missing people in the laboratory.

I'm thinking about some UI visualization. The same when our base is under fire or research has been done.

[[Image:https://content.screencast.com/users/pomekPL/folders/Jing/media/a02955b4-4651-4700-8859-b5a4d91ecb61/2018-03-20_2021.png|Events in the base]]

Not sure about the color of the blinking. Maybe yellow or gray. You know better the game's engine so I believe you will do it right.

The second option that I thought was the same icon which is in the building which has an issue but it may be less visible.

February 23, 2018
bug_report_tiny.png 18:18  Bug report #484 - Access Violation caused by Multi-Missile Ballista
Enguzrad : Issue created
While trying out some new stuff in editor I found out that when Multi-Missile Ballista shoots at a target and some of the missiles land off the edge of the map, it causes an Access Violation error (address 006BFEB9 in ow_editorOGL.exe. Write of address 00000672).
February 20, 2018
bug_report_tiny.png 21:38  Bug report #483 - Modding - DevMode Bug
Serpent : Issue created
When I press CTRL+F5 or CTRL+F8 on DevMode:
February 14, 2018
bug_report_tiny.png 18:27  Bug report #482 - Incorrect hint for American Double Gun
Enguzrad : Issue created
The hint for American Double Gun weapon says:
"Like light and gatling guns, it is not very effective against people, but ..."

Where is incorrectly stated that Gatling Gun is not effective against people, which is of course wrong.
February 12, 2018
feature_request_tiny.png 19:09  Feature request #481 - Expand Weapons
stucuk : Issue closed
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