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OPEN  Bug report #514  -  AM11, camera guy gets stuck in truck and never gives access to cameras
Posted Feb 02, 2019 - updated Jan 05, 2020
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Issue description
After you get the offer from the arab camera guy, I gave him a truck, but the event didn't continue. I went to check what happened, and his car got stuck because there was an empty arab vehicle near the edge of the map. Probably its a vehicle from one of the regular arab attacks on the southern base. Apart from the empty vehicle, there were a bunch of other arab vehicles, I killed those to try to free some space for the camera guy, but that didn't help. Destroying the empty vehicle didn't help either, he just stood there in his truck, so I completed the mission without his help. Screenshot: https://imgur.com/7dWV61Qicon_open_new.png
Steps to reproduce this issue
Not sure how to reproduce it. 1) I took my whole squad to destroy north-western arab base. My South base was empty, unguarded. When I returned, there were arabs in the middle of the base, I killed them. Perhaps that caused the clogging of his escape route. 2) I built the cargo truck and put it to the usual place. 3) The camera guy took it and left. 4) The camera guy got stuck.