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OPEN  Bug report #337  -  Cutscene not completing during RU11
Posted Nov 18, 2016 - updated Jan 05, 2020
SAIL Squad has been working on this issue since October 07, 2017 (23:54)
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Issue description
This cutscene is long, it begins after the player completes the 2 vehicles requested to make an way through the middle. During the cutscene first an path to attack gets opened through the forest, then the russians attack the us fortifications only to fail spectacularly,

At some point the remaining alive begin to retreat, some of the drivers exit their vehicles during this retreat. The camera did focus on the driverless vehicles that remaint in the field burning, waited a while for one to burn down then focuses another, when no vehicle left to blow up focuses on the last vehicle that remaint it's health in yellow condition(recognizable by the smoke puffs)that was near player's base and remains forever stuck there as it cannot burn down. Instead ending or invoking an dialogue, nothing happens past that point.

This happened 2 times and did not manage to pass it, yet.
Steps to reproduce this issue
see above, i guess