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OPEN  Bug report #477  - The Abbyss - Start desynchronisation still not fixed
Posted Feb 07, 2018 - updated Jan 05, 2020
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Issue description
Multiplayer game mode desynchronises right at the start kicking out one or two players.

Issue still not resolved and map unplayable
Steps to reproduce this issue
Play a 2v2 on map: The Abbyss

Standard map version

Comment posted by
Feb 08, 07:44
What do the Sync Logs of both players contain? If you are both using different Settings for the options like Flee when red in the in-game options bit then some maps it doesn't seem to syncronise. Quick fix being to both use the same settings for the 4 options. But without the Sync Logs there is no way to work out what the issue is.

If you look at the stats some people have not Sync Loss on that map:

The Abbys: 3 of 17 (18%) The Abbys_S: 1 of 6 (17%)