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OPEN  Bug report #216  -  RU15 - Missing story characters
Posted Dec 08, 2015 - updated Jan 05, 2020
SAIL Squad has been working on this issue since December 08, 2015 (16:47)
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Issue description
One of the main Russian Campaign characters is missing in this mission. And instead, a random character is provided.

Ilia I. Kovaliuk

He wasn't killed on the way there, none of my characters were.

You first meet him in RU02.

There seems to be 3 random low level characters provided in this mission, so there may be more main story characters missing - I can't say for sure.

EDIT: I Know which 4 characters are missing in this mission (ones replaced by random ones).

Take into considerstaion there are 3 slots for characters, so far I found these 4 would fit in them (not present in mission):

  • Ilia I. Kovaliuk
  • Maria Javorska
  • Dr Lazar L. Dolgov
  • B.L. Karamazov
Steps to reproduce this issue
Play RU15, to see if Kovaliuk, Dolgov and Javorska and are in the team.