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CLOSED  Bug report #297  -  [MULTIPLAYER] - Wrong random interface
Posted Feb 20, 2016 - updated Jan 05, 2020
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Issue description
Incorrect random interface is provided if a player doesn't select any nation.

Eg. Player chooses random nation smileys/9.png and is given Russians; they have the American interface.

It's always American interface that's given to the random nation.
Steps to reproduce this issue
As above.

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Mar 19, 06:18
Its not an easy bug to fix and has been there for alot of years due to it. I have looked into it and by the looks of it the random nation is not picked at the stage just after loading the level where the game sets the interface to the nation. It is selected sometime after that (as a random side is picked before map sail kicks in).

Given its a minor issue i won't be spending any more time trying to work it out. I will leave it open since it may be looked into at a future date.
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Jan 05, 14:04
Fixed in SGUI

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