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CLOSED  Bug report #87  -  MasterServer
Posted Feb 28, 2015 - updated Feb 28, 2015
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Issue description
Now OW sends AddGame request only to OWS, not to OWN. It should sends request both to OWS and OWN, shouldn't?
Steps to reproduce this issue

Comment posted by
Feb 28, 12:13
It sends to both. Code is quite clear:


P.S MasterServer 0 is OWN. It sends to it first.
Comment posted by
Feb 28, 12:57
Ok, the new version was not in allowed list.

There is one another problem. OW does not send DELETEGAME after leaving game room / exiting game. So now we have a lot of "ghost" games.
Comment posted by
icon_reply.pngFeb 28, 17:16, in reply to comment #3
It uses the same code as the addgame (Only difference is some fields are included or not included). Unlike the previous versions it doesn't wait for the request to be sent before it shows the room or exits it. Its all done in a separate thread. If addgame works then delete game will, the only code thats changed is the code that does the actual sending of the information. If you start a game, then leave and exit the game its possible for the deletegame to never have been sent. As it will send the addgame to both MasterServers one at a time and then do the delete games.
Comment posted by
icon_reply.pngFeb 28, 17:22, in reply to comment #5
Update: Found a bug, the thread that sends the information is never woken up after it has finished adding the games the first time.