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OPEN  Bug report #73  -  RU14 difficulty, legion assistance for resources and dialogue problem
Posted Nov 07, 2014 - updated Jan 05, 2020
SAIL Squad has been working on this issue since November 09, 2014 (10:58)
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Issue description
(First of I didn't know what to file this under but I guess it's probably suited under bugs? Either way I reckon this is something perhaps McBenn could look at since he said he was fixing the original campaigns.)

The first issue is regarding the difficulty, there really isn't much in terms of opposition and the difficulty options aren't that different. Here's the problem:

Adventurer difficulty has the Arabians coming at you with a small force of both human units (be it on foot or in vehicles) and remote controlled vehicles. After a while they will have trouble to continue attacking you because they don't have enough people to fill their manual vehicles, which in turn blocks their factory from producing remote vehicles.

EDIT: I also just noticed they have a few idle ape self propelled vehicles lying idle in their base, which don't even move after attacking them, they just sit there doing nothing and I think this also applies to the other difficulties.

Commander and Master Strategist difficulties has the Arabs sending a single Ape self propelled bomb trike every few minutes. Which is very easy to defend against and it makes the mission quite boring.

Is there any chance we could see this mission refined in terms of difficulty? It'd make the mission more enjoyable as it's quite dull at the moment.

As for Legion's request for resources in exchange for reinforcements, occasionally (and this happens very often) if you don't have the correct amount of resources Legion asks for, they will continue to drive around your Warehouse until you do. The problem with this however is that even when you do gather the correct amount, they will never take it, it seems that you must have the sufficient resources by the time they offer their assistance to you.

Now onto the dialogue, relatively minor but once Burlak enquires about the Behemoth he ask what the scientists thinks, if you have a female scientist, such as Kirilenkova/Kapitsova, she'll comment on it in a very squeaky manner. (The male version is fine)
Steps to reproduce this issue
1.) Select one of the two difficulties (Commander and Master are the same)

2.) See the description box.

3.) Have a female scientist present when Burlak enquires about the Behemoth.

Comment posted by
Nov 09, 10:58
Balancing is one of the most important parts of a game but itøs often overlooked or ignored because it can be so damn difficult. I'll try and see what I can do but it may take some time.</br> We can't access the audio files for dialogues so there is probably nothing we can do about the squeaky voice.
Comment posted by
Dec 17, 00:55
Just wondering, has any progress been made?
Comment posted by
Dec 17, 13:03
I'm sorry no. My focus has been the Arab campaign. There are only so many hours a day and I consider this non-critical. Normally I would fix issues like this as fast as possible but I've also been down for quite some time now. It would be really nice if there were others who could lend a hand with all this.