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CLOSED  Bug report #72  -  Timed events don't trigger in AM/RU 15a
Posted Oct 24, 2014 - updated Feb 14, 2015
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Issue description
Not sure if this is a bug as such, but unlike AM15/RU15, there are no timed events in this mission at all, even though the mission objectives and enemy layout implies there should be some.

  1. There are no communications from any of the factions on the map. None of the enemies taunt or threaten the player or each other.
  2. Contrary to the primary objective, neither side ever begins to research or build a siberite rocket.
  3. There is no activity from enemy factions aside from the same vehicle attack groups from AM and RU bases.

  4. This is in stark contrast with RU15 and AM15, which are both rich in timed events and enemy communication. It feels like the mission may not be firing any of its timed events, especially considering the primary mission objective is phrased as a timed event.
Steps to reproduce this issue
  1. Play either RU or AM version of 15a
  2. Build a base that can defend AI attacks indefinitely (can be on the starting cliff).
  3. Use the scouting artifact to check both faction bases. Neither of them will be researching Siberite fusion or building a rocket.
  4. Set the game to maximum speed and run it for a long time (I tried 30 minutes)
  5. Nothing has changed on the map. Using the scouting artifact confirms that neither faction is researching nor building a rocket.

Comment posted by
Oct 29, 18:05
1. It seems there simply are no such dialogues in this mission. You can check yourself (Data1.owp/campaigns/Am/18.wri).</br> 2. As far as I can see both Americans and Russians research siberite fission eventually (after researching a lot of other stuff). But there is some serious cooldowns on them doing it. 220 min on easy; 150$ min on medium; 100 min on hard.</br> 3. This and number 2 are adressed in Bug report 48 - Restoration of 15a Ru/Am.
Comment posted by
Feb 14, 10:14
I am closing this issue.

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