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CLOSED  Bug report #67  -  11RU mission - bug?
Posted Oct 16, 2014 - updated Feb 14, 2015
icon_info.png This issue has been closed with status "Fixed" and resolution "RESOLVED".
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Issue description
Hi guys! I have a little problem here. In 11RU, after building 2 bulldozers, the allies take them and begin to clear the way during the wood, but after that the script doesn't work - the allies stay in bulldozers and don't attack Beta base. I'm also can't do anything, because the game is in cinematic mode (you know - when black lines up and down). Is this a bug? Can I do something? I almost finished the game, won't to give it up =(
Steps to reproduce this issue
1. Start 11RU mission.

2. Construct 2 bulldozers.

3. wait until the allies will clear the path for the tanks.

4. Nothing happened after that.

Comment posted by
Oct 17, 12:25
Where do the bulldozers park? A screenshot or something would be nice.
Comment posted by
 Space Invader
icon_reply.pngOct 17, 16:37, in reply to comment #2

McBenn wrote:
Where do the bulldozers park? A screenshot or something would be nice.

Okay, when you told me about parking spot of bulldozers I understood that one of them stopped near one of my labs. I demolished it and it helped. Thank you for the help and sorry for bothring!
Comment posted by
Oct 18, 11:32
Ah ok you blocked the bulldozers' parking spots with buildings. I've made a fix for that since it isn't obvious to the player.
Comment posted by
Feb 14, 10:14
I am closing this issue.

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