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CLOSED  Bug report #629  -  Can't control Gossudarov
Posted Oct 08, 2020 - updated Jan 31, 2021
icon_info.png This issue has been closed with status "Fixed" and resolution "RESOLVED".
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Issue description
I have a problem with mission 12a at Russian campaign. When professor Gossudarov run away from Russian base (with other scientists), he takes a truck with artifact and goes north, then he stops and he has still a purple color on his car. I can't control him (he doesn't come to me). With other scientists there is no problem, I can control them. I had version, then I updated to version and problem still occurs.
Steps to reproduce this issue
1) When Burlak arrives to alliance camp at northeast we need to wait 5 minutes to contact with Gossudarov 2) After 5 minut click on Gossudarov and click "yes" (we are ready to run away) 3) Gossudarov takes a truck with artifact, goes north and then stops. His car has still a purple color (so it is out of our control), but other scientists change color from purple to green (we can control them).

I can take all scientists to north (to the red area on a map), but Gossudarov is still in the same place on road to Russian base.