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CLOSED  Bug report #59  -  Bloody Valley - Tree
Posted Jul 30, 2014 - updated Feb 14, 2015
icon_info.png This issue has been closed with status "Fixed" and resolution "RESOLVED".
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Issue description
Bug Fix: Bloody Valley tree gives exp multiple times (Issue 11)

This bug still is not fixed.
Steps to reproduce this issue
Play Bloody Valley...

Comment posted by
Aug 01, 08:15
Apt and precise bug description, that's what we like. (I hope the irony is visible...)
Comment posted by
Aug 01, 21:03
Patching my game again to be sure, it looks like the fix wasn't included in the patch... How does that sound, stu? And btw why can't I edit my comments?
Comment posted by
icon_reply.pngAug 01, 21:31, in reply to comment #3
Looks like you never uploaded it to Bit Bucket. I just download the repository and add it to the patch. Assuming that every bug you say is fixed is in it if the latest commit is after the date you said a bug was fixed.
Comment posted by
Aug 02, 09:02
Ah thought so. When Radzio let me maintain the multiplayer maps he gave me the repo he used to use. So I didn't include the multiplayer maps in my repo for the campaign missions. I just thought since Radzio had always used that repo you would know about it. https://bitbucket.org/Radzio/multiextended. Should I just include the multiplayer missions in my repo? Dunno if the repo history of Radzio's repo is important.
Comment posted by
icon_reply.pngAug 02, 20:24, in reply to comment #6
It would be best if its all in one place. History isn't important to me, it all gets lost when its put in a patch.
Comment posted by
Aug 03, 09:36
I'll add the multiplayer maps to the OWCampaigns repo then.
Comment posted by
Feb 14, 07:42
I am closing this issue.

PS: I would prefer to keep maintaining multiplayer maps in their own repo.

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