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CLOSED  Bug report #55  -  RU09 - Epsilon mission - messed up dialogs after ammo research
Posted Jun 16, 2014 - updated Feb 14, 2015
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Issue description
During the mission when you research new ammunition types for bazooka, only first type of ammunition is described. After research of the second ammunition type, Burlak only says "Let's see how it will work in battle" (or something like that - i'm using different language pack). There is ammunition description by scientist missing.

If you develop "time-slowing" ammunition first then description is given what this ammunition does. But when you develop "space-shifting" ammunition after that, then description is not given, only Burlak sentence. Same goes other way - first "space-shifting" - description of ammo - then research "time-slowing" - no description.

Steps to reproduce this issue
Load up RU09 - Epsilon Mission.

Research both ammunition types for bazooka.

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Feb 14, 07:36
I am closing this issue.

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