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OPEN  Bug report #541  -  Default English dubbings won't play but other Languages will
Posted May 24, 2019 - updated May 24, 2019
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Issue description
Situation: When moving a map from the Campaign (example RU 05 cont) to the Multiplayer folder and running it through the editor or via the real game, the dubbings will only play if you are not in English. The dialogs will show up but no sound will emit. In French, Spanish etc the dubbings will play. No sound is to be placed in the mods folder, we want the game to load the default dubbings from the default game files.
Steps to reproduce this issue
Copy RU05 cont Paste in Multiplayer folder Make sure your game is in English Run the mission Dialogs show up and no dubbing play Change game language to French or Spanish or other Run the mission Dialogs show up and dubbings play

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