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OPEN  Feature request #490  -  Shortcuts
Posted Jun 30, 2018 - updated Jun 30, 2018
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Issue description
How about changing messy shortcuts to grid setup ? Shortcuts depend on context, mortar under "s" have attack ground, weapon laboratory have research rockets, radar tower have add to grid. All shortcuts depend on the place in the panel. First from the left in top row is "q", middle is "w", right one is "e". Second row have "a" "s" "d". Last row have "z" "x" "c".

So far it's used in arabian campaign for polish version but it can be easily adapted to other languages. http://puu.sh/AOv8G/6e9948c827.rar my version so far, there are still 2-3 misplaced shortcuts that i keep forgetting to change. In basic laboratory for some reason shift + w doesn't work and gas engine still needs to be clicked manually. If you want to use repair function by the driver you can't use shortcut.

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