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OPEN  Feature request #485  -  UI visualization when the building cannot work
Posted Mar 20, 2018 - updated Mar 20, 2018
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Issue description
Sometimes buildings in our base cannot work. Most probably if I'm looking for the base, I'll notice it and do something in order to fix that.

The question is - what if I'm fighting out of the base or anything other that steals my attention. My base won't work because something is being blocked. What can it be?

Please see the attached image:

Blocked buildingsicon_open_new.png

  1. An apeman is missing.
  2. Missing people in the factory.
  3. The exit from the factory is disabled. The car cannot leave the factory.
  4. Missing electricity.
  5. Missing a gun on the tower.
  6. Missing people in the laboratory.

  7. I'm thinking about some UI visualization. The same when our base is under fire or research has been done.

    Events in the baseicon_open_new.png

    Not sure about the color of the blinking. Maybe yellow or gray. You know better the game's engine so I believe you will do it right.

    The second option that I thought was the same icon which is in the building which has an issue but it may be less visible.


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