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CLOSED  Bug report #484  -  Access Violation caused by Multi-Missile Ballista
Posted Feb 23, 2018 - updated Apr 08, 2018
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Issue description
While trying out some new stuff in editor I found out that when Multi-Missile Ballista shoots at a target and some of the missiles land off the edge of the map, it causes an Access Violation error (address 006BFEB9 in ow_editorOGL.exe. Write of address 00000672).
Steps to reproduce this issue
Launch original war editor, put in a Multi-Missile Ballista and put in a soldier at the edge of the map. Send Ballista towards the edge of the map next to the soldier and shoot at him.

When one of the missiles land outside the map thanks to the weapon's spread, you should get an Access Violation error.

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Apr 07, 11:15
In game v2.0.6.141 is EEAddress: 005DFE79
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Apr 08, 11:26
Fixed in .145 and higher.

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