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OPEN  Bug report #471  - Task Programming (Labs / Workshops)
Posted Jan 29, 2018 - updated Jan 29, 2018
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Issue description
Task programming still has an issue with labs and workshops. If you order one of the personel (say 1 scientist out of 6) to quit whilst you have for example, 5 technologies qued to research, all of the personel will later have this action qued - this is incorrect. Please verify against as no issues existed there.
Steps to reproduce this issue
1) Get 6 scientists into a lab 2) Queue some technologies to research say 5 or 10 3) Order 1 of 6 scientists to quit the building (RMB on some ground) 4) Queue is now bugged

Please verify the above procedure against , 1.10b or 1.09 to see that what we have now works incorrectly (cancelling queue / preventing future tech to be researched).

This affects all buildings with a queue: i.e. labs / workshops

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