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OPEN  Feature request #459  -  aesthetically feature: make it so Faces in InfoPanel are also animated when the characters express themselves
Posted Dec 16, 2017 - updated Dec 16, 2017
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Issue description
An interesting but not-urgent-at-all feature to add to Original War would be the fact of having the units' portrait in the UserInterface talking when they have something to say. At the moment, we only have them as a main dialogue that shows up at the top-left corner of the screen. Though, we could also have animated portraits in the User Interface when they say anything, whether it be "I've found oil!" or even an actual dialog written in text.wri. This would also be interesting aesthetically-talking if several units talk at the same time. It occasionally happens when several units gain a level at the same time, or even find enemies while someone else runs low on fuel, or any other scenario.

Once again, it's all about aesthetic and is not something necessary.

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