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CLOSED  Feature request #401  -  Make it possible to reduce the selection of hexagons by 1 starting from the limit
Posted Sep 05, 2017 - updated Sep 05, 2017
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Issue description
It would be amazing to add the ability to reduce the selection of hexagons by 1 starting from the limit. Very useful for mappers when they make mountains. How I make my mountains is: I select a big area of hexagons, then I start raising them a little. And then, after that, I reduce my area by 1 hexagon, and I raise again, and I repeat until I'm satisfied (then I edit it a little to make it look nice and natural).

Example on a small area (even though it'd be a LOT MORE useful on BIG areas): https://gyazo.com/5ee9125799dc0509ee1300874abfd0a0

would become https://gyazo.com/02ba045fc8cff56d5bb00812af5123d4