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OPEN  Bug report #399  -  Apeman do not get defense bonus from Stimulation Drugs
Posted Sep 03, 2017 - updated Sep 03, 2017
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Issue description
When playing around in the editor I noticed that apeman soldier doesn't get defense bonus from Stimulation drugs technology as expected. The technology only allows him to stay up when in red health.

I didn't test this in game but I assume it is the same as in the editor.

It might be a feature but when I take in account that the only usage of apeman the Arabs have is in combat, I have to look at it as a bug.
Steps to reproduce this issue
Spawn apeman soldier without Stimulation drugs invented. Take note of his defense rating. Invent all technologies and spawn another apeman soldier with the same stats. Take note of his defense rating, it should be the same as before.

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