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CLOSED  Bug report #397  -  Windows 10 can't take proper screenshots of Original War
Posted Aug 27, 2017 - updated Aug 27, 2017
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Issue description
I tried to take a screenshot while playing Multiplayer, and I sent it to someone on Discord. It appears that the screenshot was completely messed up. The game appears as if it were in windowed mode (and yet it was not the case) and it only shows a part of the actual game's resolution. Also, on my second screen, it displays windows that were not opened on it.

Link: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/344722226853052418/350739211134959626/unknown.png

I am using two real screens and another virtual one (recording card).
Steps to reproduce this issue
Take a screenshot in game and try to send it to someone directly through any app

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Aug 27, 06:04
if your pressing "Print Screen" (Which is the only way to get multiple displays) then it has nothing to do with Original War, thats Windows and it takes a screenshot of the entire desktop area (And with OpenGL it generally doesn't store the correct image). I can not change how Windows works. Original War takes screenshots with the F12 key and saves to the Original War directory (Unless your using Steam where it lets steam take a screenshot with the F12 key).