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CLOSED  Bug report #378  -  6AM - An event spawning Joan Fergusson doesn't trigger
Posted May 21, 2017 - updated Oct 13, 2017
icon_info.png This issue has been closed with status "Fixed" and resolution "RESOLVED".
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Issue description
Joan Fergusson didn't spawn in my 6AM gameplay at all. I decided to rush Russian base in the very beginning of the game. I set up one depot in starting position and second one close to Russian base. During attack, I settled up 3rd depot as a vision-blocker (I didn't want Russians to kill my engineer while he was taking over the Russian depot). Few moments later, I had whole Russian base under my control and decided to settle up there. I destroyed 2nd and 3rd depots and left only starting one and Russian one. All other events triggered - Dennis came, people spawned normally, Kurt aswell, but, of course, Russians didn't scout the map at all since they didn't exist. I've got all the medals possible. Didn't lost a single soldier. First and second depots got named, other depots didn't get any names. I didn't build any buildings in my starting position but the depot. I settled up everything in former Russian base.

I'm on my way to check if Fergusson will be available in future missions.
Steps to reproduce this issue
Take over Russian base in 6AM immediately.
Build all your buildings in former Russian base.

Comment posted by
May 21, 12:03
Major Fergusson is available in the very next mission, so I think this bug is rather low priority.
Comment posted by
May 23, 20:04
The original missions are generally quite brittle, especially if you do something you are "not supposed to do". I am suprised Fergusson shows up in later missions though.