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OPEN  Bug report #376  -  Siberia - wrongly placed deposits and units etc.
Posted May 20, 2017 - updated Jan 05, 2020
SAIL Squad has been working on this issue since October 07, 2017 (23:53)
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Issue description
When you have a base level to max (so everyones base has a depot and 2 breastworks), extra oil and extra siberite, and morale flags:

- Right center position has a breastwork placed on one oil source

- Right center position has a morale flag too near to a siberite deposit, so you just can't build a mine here

- Bottom right position has a breastwork placed on one oil source

Note: Top right position has a tree on one oil source (the extra one), but that's okay because it's pretty adventageous position (also I think mapper is aware of this). So that's not the issue.

- - -

Another misunderstanding is in map settings files and description. See this:

ListBox 5 "Additional Oil Deposits" count 2 items "Default" "Extra" default 0 "" ""

ListBox 6 "Additional Siberite Deposits" count 3 items "None" "Default" "Extra" default 0 "" "" ""

"Additional Oil Deposits" setting is fine. "Default" value means one oil per player, "Extra" two oils per player. "Additional Siberite Deposits" description is bad. "Additional" sounds like there is already one siberite deposit, and you are choosing between adding another or not. But this setting actually does: "None" - no siberite at all, "Default" - 1 sib, "Extra" 2 sib.

So to fix this, change "Additional Siberite Deposits" to "Siberite Deposits". Current description is misleading (I've been in a few games where the game had to be restarted because people thought there will be one sib). (Also, do this in Polish .wri too, since it is same as in English). All four .wri gamemodes contains this.

- - -

By the way, Czech translation of the map is missing at the moment, so I will create it and send it in the bright future.
Steps to reproduce this issue
SAIL code for editor testing:
  1. def_base_level:= 2;
  2. def_amount_of_people:= 3;
  3. def_skill_level:= 2;
  4. def_starting_resources:= 2;
  5. def_shipments_density:= 1;
  6. def_extra_oil_deposits:= 1;
  7. def_extra_sib_deposits:= 2;
  8. def_shared_vision:= 1;
  9. def_morale_flags:= 4;
  10. def_siberite_detection:= 1;
  11. def_people_respawning:= 2;
  12. def_amount_of_apemen:= 3;
  13. def_amount_of_siberit:= 0;
  14. def_public_score:= 0;
  15. def_siberite_bomb:= 0;
  16. def_builduptime:= 3;
  17. def_game_rules:= 0;
  18. def_sheik:= 0;
  19. def_mastodont:= 0;