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OPEN  Bug report #349  -  Laboratory task programming
Posted Dec 07, 2016 - updated Dec 07, 2016
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Issue description
Since new changes (for the worse ofcourse) one bug has been left unnoticed.

Laboratory cancels its programmed tasks once 1 character exits a lab.

Not only that, also it appears that the rest are doing to do what the 1 character leaving was ordered to do.

Really annoying bug, please fix
Steps to reproduce this issue
1) Have a laboratory with say 6 scientists in it

2) Order the team to research some technologies, about 5

3) While researching, order 1 of the lab occupants to leave (eg. go out or enter another building)

4) Now lab research is cancelled and others look like are going to do what the one leaving just did (in fact what happens they only research current technology and then remain IDLE.)

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