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OPEN  Bug report #336  -  Game stuck during cutscene after completing RU4
Posted Nov 18, 2016 - updated Jan 06, 2020
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Issue description
During the cutscene one of the Russian vehicles got destroyed, so the driver remaint on foot. He stood there doing nothing, not moving to the map's edge to "complete" the cutscene. This occured due to one arab vehicle standing in spot, blocking the path the russian vehicles are supposed to travel, also noticed no other arab vehicle was present in the cutscene when this occured. Had to end via ALT+F4. Reloading the last save of RU04 and completing again the issue did not occur so could proceed the campaign.

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sorry but i dont really know

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Jan 06, 21:06
It's about RU05 cutscene - sometimes vehicles can stuck. Fixed on Git.