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OPEN  Bug report #302  -  Red invisible map parts in prelude missions Ru13 and Ru14 with OpenGL renderers
Posted Apr 25, 2016 - updated Apr 26, 2016
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Issue description
There are red "invisible" map parts in prelude missions Ru13 and Ru14 with OpenGL renderer (both 2.1 and 3.0) on higher resolutions (I use 2560x1080). I have had such problem only in these missions.

There is a secondary bug visible on the screenshot, Ru14 is not centered.
Steps to reproduce this issue

  1. Set high enough resolution (I presume it's not limited to 2560x1080).
  2. Get into mission Ru13 or Ru14 from previous missions - you can't just start it from the menu to see the issu. You can start them from the menu and then restart, this also works.

  3. Result:

  4. First parts of the missions (those having a dialogue with scientist Bystrov about finding the main alaskit deposit) red side/sides, see attached screenshots.
  5. Ru14 is not centered.

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Apr 25, 05:11
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Apr 25, 05:12
A file was uploaded. owar_r13_red.jpgicon_open_new.png