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OPEN  Feature request #30  -  Steam achievements
Posted Mar 23, 2014 - updated Jan 05, 2020
McBenn (McBenn) has been working on this issue since March 23, 2014 (10:13)
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Issue description

 - Complete Am/Ru campaign on any difficulty; "God bless America"/"For Mother Russia"; ACH_GBA/ACH_FMR  ** I
 - Complete all Am/Ru missions with all medals on hard difficulty; "General of the Army"/"Marshal of the Russian Federation"; ACH_GOTA/ACH_MOTRF
 - In any mission have more Apemen in your service than people; "Planet of the Apes"; ACH_POTA ** I
 - Complete Am/Ru campaigns without losing a single person; "Comrades"; ACH_COM
 - Over the course of any single campaign lose more than 50 people; "Purple heart"; ACH_PH
 - Over the course of any single campaign extract over 50,000 barrels of oil in total; "Oil tycoon"; ACH_OT
 - Drop a siberite bomb; "Radioactive"; ACH_RAD  ** I
 - Neutralize one or more turrets/bunkers by destroying the corresponding depot; "Checkmate"; ACH_CHE
 - Kill at least 6 innocent animals in any mission; "Target practice"
 - Kill an enemy using a bulldozer; "Whops, didn't see you there"; ACH_WHO
 - Control 6 or more remote vehicles with one mechanic; "Multitasking anyone?"; ACH_MUL
 - Get JMM's or Burlak's skills in all professions up to at least 7; "All-round hero"; ACH_ARH
 - Build at least 15 automatic turrets in your base; "Automatic disaster"; ACH_ADI
 - Build at least 3 siberite bombs in any one mission; "Power of argument"; ACH_POA
 - In any mission equip your entire team with sniper rifles; "Sniper elite"; ACH_SEL
 - In any mission equip your entire team with bazookers; "Panzer elite"; ACH_PEL
 - New world, old habits [requires (ACH_EMH, ACH_NOM, ACH_NEG, ACH_ODE, ACH_MEL, ACH_IFL and ACH_BSH) or (ACH_FTA, ACH_EPR, ACH_SNI, ACH_BLO, ACH_GAME and ACH_NOT)]; "Sociopath"; ACH_SOC

 - Am01, before entering the EON attack your own men; "Madman"; ACH_MAD  ** I
 - Am01, enter the eon; "To the past"; ACH_EON  ** I
 - Am01, don't enter the eon; "Cold feet"; ACH_CF  **
 - Am01, capture one of the Russian tanks; "Commando"; ACH_CMD
 - Am01, radio call Powell even after you were told not to and still make it through with all three of your men; "Chat and Run"; ACH_CAR
 - Am01, don't save anyone; "Every man for himself"; ACH_EMH
 - Am02, kill Mikhail; "No mercy"; ACH_NOM
 - Am02, don't save the people south of the river; "Negligence"; ACH_NEG
 - Am02, don't let the two Russian cargo bays escape; "Nothing here, comrades"; ACH_NHC
 - Am03, attack and get all your men to top side of the map before Andy calls you and tells you to attack; "One step ahead"; ACH_OSA
 - Am04, prevent the Russians from building their second base; "Sanctions"; ACH_SAN  **
 - Am04, lose Jeff Brown and Lucy Donaldson; "Officer decline"; ACH_ODE
 - Am05, tame all apemen on the map; "Fancy a dance, apeman?"; ACH_FDA
 - Am06, spare Kurt; "Merciful"; ACH_MER  ** I
 - Am06, kill Kurt; "Merciless"; ACH_MEL
 - Am06, collect over a 1000 crates; "Capitalist"; ACH_CAP  ** I
 - Am06, save all people that land in this mission; "Noone left behind"; ACH_NLB
 - Am06, let Joan die; "I can't feel the love tonight"; ACH_IFL
 - Am07, destroy all Russian buildings on the map; "Cleaning party"; ACH_CPA
 - Am08, defeat the Russians without the help of Major Sikorski; "I got this"; ACH_IGT
 - Am08, destroy the southern Russian base before it's fully built; "Rush"; ACH_RUS
 - Am09, transport 300 siberite crystals or more to Terminal; "Miner good team"; ACH_MGT
 - Am09, research every single siberite technology and build 2 siberite mines; "Fascinating new stuff"; ACH_FNS
 - Am10, kill Paul Khattam when he betrays you; "Decision changed"; ACH_DCH
 - Am10, after the Arabians betray you, destroy all their buildings and don't turn any of your men into mortars; "We don´t need your handouts"; ACH_WDH
 - Am11, finish the mission without making the deal with the Arabian "friend" or letting your scout explore the enemy base; "Blind shot"; ACH_BSH
 - Am12, employ the mercenaries; "Employer"; ACH_EMP  ** I
 - Am12, complete the mission without building a base; "Ain't got time for squatting"; ACH_TFS
 - Am13, Kill Gorky; "Adversary"; ACH_ADV  ** I
 - Am13, protect all siberite deposits from Arabian scientists; "Healtly neighbourhood"; ACH_HNE
 - Am14, help Joan defend Kappa base; "True love"; ACH_TLO
 - Am15, make Legion join your forces; "Legion sympathizer"; ACH_LS  **
 - Am15, make Vsevolod I. Gorki appear; "Meet my bro"; ACH_MMB  *
 - Am15, win the mission despite being nuked by Russians or Legion; "Rise from the ashes"; ACH_RFA
 - Am15, destroy the Russian base with a siberite bomb; "Chain reaction"; ACH_CHA
 - Am15, destroy or force the Arabians to give up within 10 minutes of you taking command of the American army; "Quick action"; ACH_QAC
 - Stay with Americans; "American Patriot"; ACH_APAT  ** I

 - Ru01, kill all apemen at the waterfall before Kirilenkova appears; "Paving the way"; ACH_PAV
 - Ru01, don't save Kirilenkova; "Feeding the apes"; ACH_FTA
 - Ru01, rescue Gnyevko after you already destroyed the American base and saved Kirilenkova; "Oh , Hi friend"; ACH_OHI
 - Ru02, recapture Belkov's tank from the Americans; "My precious"; ACH_PRE
 - Ru02, destroy the bunkers on both sides of the cliff; "Sector cleared"; ACH_SEC
 - Ru03, destroy Omicron without building a second depot; "Power of the One"; ACH_PON
 - Ru03, don't save Scholtze; "Empty promises"; ACH_EPR
 - Ru04, intercept all cargo bays carrying crates; "Greedy commie"; ACH_GRC
 - Ru05, kill Hugh Stevens; "Say NO to imperialistic science"; ACH_SNI
 - Ru06, save Vsevolod and all his men; "Brothers in arms"; ACH_BIA
 - Ru06, don't save Vsevolod; "Brotherly love"; ACH_BLO
 - Ru07, lie to Raul Xavier about the Arabians and Kirilenkova; "Liar"; ACH_LIA
 - Ru08, hand over the Arabs building mortarmen barracks for you to UPF; "Backstabber"; ACH_SC  **
 - Ru08, let the Arabs build the mortarmen barracks but don't hand over Heike to them afterwards; "Gamesmanship"; ACH_GAME  **
 - Ru08, make the Deal with Kurt and hand over Heike to him afterwards; "Honourable"; ACH_HON
 - Ru08, let your people destroy 20 or more barrels of oil in the training grounds; "Waste disposal"; ACH_WDI
 - Ru09, don't negotiate with the Arabians to attacks the Americans [if you have the option]; "No thanks, Herr Gensher"; ACH_NOT
 - Ru10, make the deal with Heike; "Missed us?"; ACH_MIS
 - Ru12, complete Tsaritsyn's quiz with all correct answers; "Cadre"; ACH_CAD  **
 - Ru12, go straight for Platonov. Don't interact with any other bases; "Go for the throat"; ACH_GFT
 - Ru13, kill Macmillan; "From Russia with Love"; ACH_FRWL  ** I
 - Ru13, take over or destroy every American building on the map; "Deep cut"; ACH_DEC
 - Ru14, destroy Legion before you attack the Arabians; "Better safe than sorry"; ACH_BSS
 - Ru14, hire the legionaries; "Employer"; ACH_EMP  ** I
 - Ru15, use the siberite bomb on all 3 other nations; "Mushroom garden"; ACH_MUG
 - Ru15, destroy all enemy bases without building a single siberite bomb; "Old school"; ACH_OLS
 - Stay with Russians; "Russian Patriot"; ACH_RPAT  ** I
 - Stay with Platonov; "Purge"; ACH_PUR  **
 - Build a behemoth vehicle; "Stalin's moving castle"; ACH_SMC

 - Am12a, make Lisa and Joan betray Americans; "Mediator"; ACH_MED  **
 - Am12a, destroy the Alpha Base warehouse; "Goodbye": ACH_GB
 - Ru12a, signal Prof. Gosuradov within 1 min; "Fly Fast": ACH_FF
 - Am14a/Ru14a, get the results for the siberite bomb without killing any Americans; "True alliance"; ACH_TAL
 - Am14a/Ru14a, take over both American Bases; "Takeover"; ACH_TAK
 - Am15a/Ru15a, discover the forces of all three artifacts; "We are not alone"; ACH_WAN
 - Join the Alliance; "Pacifist"; ACH_PAC  ** I
 - Attack an enemy right after exiting partial invisibility; "Ninja"; ACH_NIN

Comment posted by
Jan 05, 02:57
There's a missing word in Am01.

Currently it's: - Am01, capture of the the Russian tanks; "Commando"; ACH_CMD in your description.

What it should be: - Am01, capture one of the Russian tanks; "Commando"; ACH_CMD

I fixed it.