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OPEN  Enhancement #296  -  [MP SYNC SYSTEM] - Useful correction
Posted Feb 20, 2016 - updated Jan 05, 2020
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Issue description
Small and perhaps very useful correction, please consider implementing this in next patch.

When syncing the game, the sync system is SPAMMING the game chat, sometimes 3, 5, 15 or even 100 messages, Chat is for chatting; not that junk.

Up in upper right corner where game time is shown, a "Synchronisation Lost" message is displayed on sync loss. Why not display the "PlayerX requested X ticks" in that small box in upper right ? It would be far better. Rather than spamming those messages as well, 1 at a time can be displayed.

Just for extra clarity: on sync loss game time is Overwritten with "Synchronisation Lost" message; do the same for the synchronising message: Overwrite the time message until game is in sync again.