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OPEN  Enhancement #291  -  [MULTIPLAYER] - New game mode
Posted Feb 18, 2016 - updated Jan 05, 2020
SAIL Squad has been working on this issue since March 30, 2017 (14:40)
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Issue description
Thought of a new multiplayer game mode to make use of previously redundant maps, eg. those with ape hunt modes and tank collection. (Nobody plays that).

  • Basically, as for all game modes add an option to select crew size and experiance
  • Map will have random crate spawn algorithms (totally random, no base spawns).
  • Most interesting of all, Oil/Siberium deposits will have options as always: standard / extra BUT they will be spawned totally randomly on the map and On the terrains that permit building (eg. make an area on map in OW editor which will be suitable to spawn sources on, MAKE sure they spawn some distance from eachother, eg 50 hexes)
  • Crew spawn location will be totally random as well, but again make sure they spawn some distance away from other players.

  • Best maps for game mode:
  • Football
  • Rocky Land
  • Wilderness
  • Siberia (Upcoming map)

  • Easily extended:
  • Babylon
  • Bastard Pass (requires start bases to be removed, plus some additional trees in old base areas, Some work but will be great if done)
  • Flags (Would be a great map for mode, a script would be required that would generate some random trees for this mode as map is too empty)
  • ForestLand (requires extra trees in corners, and some random spots without trees (script removed), possibly the hardest map)
  • Four to win
  • The Abbys
  • Highlands (Some extra vegetation in position areas)

  • Non-applicable:
  • Alien base
  • Bloody Valley
  • Party
  • River Of the Lost Souls
  • Stonehenge
  • Table Mountain

  • Those maps are too generic or too small to make this work

    I'd like to see this mode on Flags myself, if a script was made to spawn some trees randomly, it would make the game far more diverse than it already is. Combine that with tech restrictions, and OW would get a whole new face to Multiplayer

    A lot to ask but the most challenging part would be initially to randomize source spawning

    If this mode was extended tree spawn algorithm would be another challenge, but that would give a completely new experiance

    Note: River of the lost souls had this kind of reinforcements spwaning, the starting crew can be spawned this way, for an effect; with a 5s delay or so. Algorithm can be used from that map