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CLOSED  Bug report #281  -  Ground Animations Path Error
Posted Jan 23, 2016 - updated Jan 23, 2016
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Issue description
My ground animations in mod don't work on foreign CPU.

In my computer animations works fine.

I try to use different paths but it's not result.

Steps to reproduce this issue
Run Siberia Map and check waterfall.


GroundAnim in map.txt (my cpu): 0 GroundAnim\siberia_out0000.bmp 3544 723

Comment posted by
Jan 23, 17:48
Its caused by the ground anim being entered into the editor with an Absolute path rather than a relative path. All ground anims should be listed as GroundAnim\filename0000.bmp . However future builds ( and higher) will have extra code to correct the issue (When loading it will strip the Absolute path back to a relative one).

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