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CLOSED  Bug report #276  -  [MULTIPLAYER] - Statistics rendering
Posted Jan 09, 2016 - updated Jan 05, 2020
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Issue description
There is an issue with the statistics rendering, most of the time it renders incorrectly, I've figured out why it is.

The game draws multiple stat screens at once, hence it does not show the first screen correctly. Once you select one of the other three tabs, the statistics render fine, on all screens.

Steps to reproduce this issue
1) Complete an MP game and get into the statistics screen

2) You're presented with blank graphs and squares on the left; Click one of the three bottom tabs (except Done ofcourse).

3) Now all screens render correctly.

Comment posted by
Jan 10, 14:59
Is this only with recent versions? OGL won't work as i haven't managed to get it to work (Always was just blank) but DD i don't think was changed.
Comment posted by
Jan 10, 20:48
I always play on DD unless specified otherwise, and yes it is DD that has those problems.
Comment posted by
Jan 05, 12:43
Fixed in SGUI

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