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OPEN  Feature request #273  -  Ability to assign Russian & American/Arabian materialisation prediction and Biodetection on other objects.
Posted Jan 03, 2016 - updated Sep 19, 2017
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Issue description
As the summary says, I'm wondering if it's possible to make materialisation prediction and biodetection independent of the laboratories. Currently the aforementioned abilities require opto-electronic, computer or biological laboratory to be built under a player's or his ally's control. (apart from specific technologies required to be researched)

The change I'd love to see would be either a SAIL command or a variable within the .txt files that would allow a person to assign the ability to any building, weapon, vehicle or profession type.

Why did I mention the last two options? As always, modders. A custom faction could - for example - feature a non-combat class that specialises in localising objects and revealing the area. Basicly a human version of a radar combined with aforementioned abilities. It's a fun example to think of if the feature gets added.

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Sep 19, 18:49
this is implement already in base, but you must use enable_human_prediction:=true; in sail for enable it.