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OPEN  Bug report #269  -  [ENGINE] - Time lapse field active constantly
Posted Jan 02, 2016 - updated Jan 02, 2016
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Issue description
Comparing 1.09 to I've noticed that the time lapse field does not dissapear when the Depot/Warehose is destroyed.

Requirement for the Time lapser turret to function is A Depot/Warehouse + power (even though these turrets use no power, they require at least one powerplant.)

It seems that only Automatic turrets provide a field even when no depot is present.

I've figured out why this is: Bunkers/Automatic Turrets that were active (had power and were occupied, or in case of automatic; just healthy enough) PRIOR to the depot / power source being destroyed will provide a tau field constantly.

Manually controlled bunkers with time lapsers will provide a tau field after a depot / power is gone, but will stop if the occupant exits the bunker, re entering will not re-enable it until power and depot are functional.

Vehicles are fine.
Steps to reproduce this issue
As above.

Comment posted by
Jan 02, 11:52
This behaviour is random - it's interesting, because usually the time lapsers, which do not end up getting deactivated, are the ones in fog of war. At least that's what happens in Ar14 in ArCamp.
Comment posted by
Jan 02, 20:56
This is not a random occurrence, it is constant.