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OPEN  Feature request #263  -  Weapon Editor feature inside the Editor itself.
Posted Dec 31, 2015 - updated Jan 01, 2016
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Issue description
Basicly I'd like to see something similar to what a Vehicle tab is right now.

You'd have a tab called "Weapons" listing all the currently possible weapons in the game. On the right side of the weapon list you'd have 3 buttons: "Add New" "Edit" and "Remove". For OW's stability's sake it would be impossible to remove the default weapons, although it'd still be possible to edit them.

Clicking "add new" or "edit" would display a menu below the list similar to the one for units, where you'd be able to assign weapon's speed, accuracy, damage to specific target types, rotation speed (e.g. American machine gun turns around faster than a rocket launcher from what I noticed in game), weapon model - there'd be a list of default models and an option at the end of the list "Add a custom model..." which would open a menu that would allow you to import your own model - control type it can be used with (manual, remote, computer or apeman), required factory extensions and the chasis types it can be attached to (light, medium, heavy, morphling, half-tracked and behemoth, can't recall any other).

This would make the implementation of new weapon types for mods much, much easier, making it basicly user-friendly and an integrated part of the editor.

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Jan 01, 12:53
Added missing info about being able to choose what extension it'd be available from.