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CLOSED  Enhancement #260  -  [MULTIPLAYER] - Add various climate conditions
Posted Dec 29, 2015 - updated Apr 16, 2016
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Issue description
OW maps get boring, especially if you spent 10+ years playing them, fact.

No real enchanemtnts have EVER been made to OW except the IRC in multiplayer lobby which turned out really great.

A really nice expansion would be to simulate different climate conditions, eg. spring, summer, autumn, winter.

Things that would need done map wise:

  • Trees/bushes would need to be altered accordingly to the climate choosen

  • Colours.txt would need altering to change the appearance of terrain/grass

  • Really nice extension would be to randomize the position of vegetation as well; this way no map would ever be identical!

    Easiest way to do this is to replicate a map 4 times and add it to the map selection, but that would cause clutter. It would be recommended to add a drop down menu in a map that would allow the host to choose the time of the year, and this map would be then selected.

    I bet space is not an issue even if maps had to be replicated.

Comment posted by
Apr 07, 13:02
Added LoadColoursTXT SAIL Command with . When called it re-loads the colours using the specified file allowing the SAIL to control the colours. Usage is
  1. LoadColoursTXT('mycolours.txt');
where mycolours.txt would be a file in the maps folder.
Comment posted by
Apr 16, 16:35
I thought about the other part of the enchantment which would be to change the trees now that its possible to override the colours

For the trees/bushes on the map, is it possible to replace a specific tree with another specicic tree ? This way it would be possible to jump between summer/winter type trees with and without leaves.

Better yet replace a specific tree with another randomized tree from a specific family. This would make this project complete.

Apparently OW has pre-set vegetation around the map, say for that climate addition; would it be possible (if above isn't) to have predefined areas which would be populated by trees of specific type(s) ?