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OPEN  Bug report #211  -  INTERFACE - Stuttering MP game lobby
Posted Dec 07, 2015 - updated Dec 07, 2015
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The actual game menu on the multiplayer. (Not IRC lobby)

Interface is stuttering, OW freezes constantly (for a very short period) This is when another player makes a selection (Nation, Colour, Position) etc.

Steps to reproduce this issue
1) Get around 4 people in a game lobby 2) change the settings (teams, colours, positions) at the same time 3) Watch how ow stutters

Comment posted by
Dec 07, 07:56
Does this only happen with OpenGL or does it also happen with Direct Draw?
Comment posted by
Dec 07, 19:53
Tested this on DirectDraw only - I've no way of testing this for OGL until next weekend