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OPEN  Bug report #178  -  crash while farming exp on Ru08
Posted Oct 27, 2015 - updated Nov 14, 2015
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Issue description
Game crashed after maybe 30 minutes of training on barrel shooting and vehicle repair.
Steps to reproduce this issue
Deal with the events that happen during the mission (in this run I let Heike go). Avoid building combat vehicles or turrets, this way the mission will just keep going. Send groups of four characters to train in the shooting gallery, and send an AI vehicle to get shot at by snipers so that engineers can train repairs. Keep doing this long enough and the game will crash.

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Oct 27, 19:24
A file was uploaded. crash reporticon_open_new.png
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Nov 13, 18:04
A file was uploaded. crash report ( This comment was attached:

Happened again. Definitely tied to barrel shooting. Had 4 units training.
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Nov 14, 10:36
I have completed the mission with everyone's exp maxed. I avoided the shooting gallery crash by only training one character at a time. At 40 exp per barrel, this was taking an ungodly amount of time, so I found additional sources of soldier exp. Staff the mortarmen barracks and keep killing the low-level Legion soldiers until they stop spawning; only then click on Heike Steyer to get the prompt to set her free. Also, you can hunt the one infinitely-respawning apeman for 400+ exp per kill.