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CLOSED  Bug report #175  -  Am10 - few problems
Posted Oct 25, 2015 - updated Nov 28, 2017
icon_info.png This issue has been closed with status "Fixed" and resolution "RESOLVED".
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Issue description
Currently I'm trying to win American campaign one more time on medium difficulty. In Am10, I've encountered few problems: - Sometimes dialogues don't match current situation (e. g. medic says he doesn't trust Arabs after they actually attacked); - While Arabs are attacking, Sheikhs don't show on the map - they did in previous patches (it might be a bug with units which can't get to their destination); - Sometimes screen freezes sometimes after Cornell shows and after a dialogue which doesn't show up every time (Macmillan says that they can try to make computer controlled vehicles) - I can turn menu on, click on buildings etc., but the game seems like it's paused (without letters saying that game is paused on screen); I can even save the game and load it, but the game is still frozen; It might be a bug with units which can't get to their destination; - Russian rush killing Cornell. I had to restart mission 5 times due to freezes. Maybe I'm getting through the mission too fast? It doesn't take me long to get through all these reserches.
Steps to reproduce this issue
Just try to place buildings in atypical way - partially blocking the way, in Arabian base, etc. Try to finish the mission ASAP.

Comment posted by
Oct 25, 16:13
I'll have a look at it but it probably won't be until next weekend.
Comment posted by
Nov 01, 15:02
I'm pretty sure what causes the freezes but I won't be done fixing it today. Could be you be specific what dialogues don't match the situation? And by "Russian rush killing Cornell" do you mean the Russians kill Cornel?