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CLOSED  Bug report #166  - - Soporific ammunition creates "ghost" of sleeping driver
Posted Oct 04, 2015 - updated Aug 08, 2020
icon_info.png This issue has been closed with status "Fixed" and resolution "RESOLVED".
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Issue description
Although the bug causing driver to exit moving vehicle immediately despite player holding shift to queue the command has been fixed, another bug has been introduced to Soporific ammunition.

From our observation, when sniper puts driver to sleep, the driver will fall out of vehicle as he should, no matter whether is the vehicle moving or not. But it seems that on the hex, where the driver should land, is instead created invisible "ghost" of the driver and the actual driver lies on the next hex.

This so called ghost acts as an obstacle and a reference to the driver. Clicking on this ghost will show the driver in the interface as if you were clicking on the actual unit. When ordered to attack the ghost, unit will move to attack ghost's owner. Once the owner of ghost dies, enemy players see it as a neutral unit, player owning the now dead unit will still get information about it as if they clicked it's portrait. We didn't try to bury him.

We are not sure if this bug will happen every time a driver is put to sleep. Neither we know if it happens to people outside of vehicles. One time only one player could click on the ghost, yet both players couldn't move on the hex it was occupying. It also seems that this bug doesn't occur when running two instances of Original War on one machine and connecting them in multiplayer.

The main problem of this bug is that it causes what should be an empty hex being inaccessible. We also believe that it also may cause desynchonisation between players (While playing we didn't see even one forced pause for synchronization of ticks).
Steps to reproduce this issue
1) Take two players with patch and start a multiplayer match.
    (In our case one of us had patch and the other patch before extracting into Original War folder.)

2) Research Soporific ammunition and build some manual vehicles.

3) Order your sniper to use Soporific ammunition on moving vehicle with driver inside.

Comment posted by
Oct 04, 21:22
What happens when the original driver wakes up or is killed?
Comment posted by
icon_reply.pngOct 05, 17:41, in reply to comment #1
I'm not sure what you mean with "original driver", because we didn't try to put another driver to the vehicle once the previous driver was shot out. Nevertheless, as I writed in the description of the issue, together with now sleeping driver, who appears out of the vehicle, an additional occupied hex is created, which acts like reference to the driver (Works basicaly the same as driver's portrait in user interface). So, if the driver is still alive, it doesn't matter whether he is sleeping or not (waking up doesn't do anything with the buggy hex, it is created when he is first shot out of vehicle and it stays there seemingly forever) the buggy hex or "ghost" as we called it, will show you driver's information (health bar, portrait, if you own him then also stats, the same as if you would click him normally). Dying doesn't remove the buggy hex, so as expected it now points to a dead person, ready to be burried. Of course, if you don't have the driver under your control, clicking on the buggy hex shows you nothing. Also the mouse cursor over buggy hex is now yellow, as for neutral. It was red as for enemy when the driver was still alive. Ordering unit to attack buggy hex when driver is dead points god knows where and unit won't do anything, because it can't get there.

It also seems that putting one driver to sleep repeatedly does not create more buggy hexes. Requires further testing...

Stucuk wrote:
What happens when the original driver wakes up or is killed?