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OPEN  Bug report #152  -  Wrong weapon models on turrets
Posted Aug 18, 2015 - updated Aug 18, 2015
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Issue description
Towers have wrong weapons models. I like to abuse visual bugs so i decided to make american's towers have russian weapons and opposite.
Steps to reproduce this issue
When you select more than one tower beloning to two different sides (eg. americans and russians) only one model of weapon will be used on tower resulting in russian's tower with american's weapon and opposite. But this only works with common type of weapons. I can place american's cannons/machine guns/rocket lunchers on russian towers and opposite but I can't place lasers on russian's towers and siberite rockets on americans towers. I don't know how it's with arabs but it will prabobly works as well.

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Aug 18, 17:49
A file was uploaded. Wrong weapons models.icon_open_new.png