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OPEN  Feature request #17  -  Debrief records
Posted Oct 03, 2018 - updated Oct 04, 2018
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Issue description
Add events tiger and mastodon tamed. (ev_tiger_tamed = 15, ev_mastodon_tamed = 16)

Seperate if killed/kill ape or human and if vehicle or mastodon. ( ev_ape_killed = 17 , ev_mastodon_killed = 18 , ev_kill_ape, = 21 ev_kill_mastodon = 22 )

Seperate tiger kill/killed and return to side by whom he belonged (what colour had his collar) (ev_tiger_killed = 19 ,ev_kill_tiger = 23 )

if tamed tiger kill unit. return side of murder by whom he belonged (what colour had his collar.

Tamed tigers counting to human streangth of side by whom be belonged (what colour have his collar) (becouse currently tamed apeman is counting to human streangth and mastodont is counting to vehicles, but tigers is counting as human strangth but to neutrals side)

Other animal seperate to just Animals (becouse isn't important individually) (ev_animal_killed = 20 , ev_kill_animal = 24)

Separate buildings and defensive buildings becouse fortification is dangerous against other buildings ( ev_fortification_built = 25, ev_fortification_captured = 26, ev_capture_fortification = 27, ev_fortification_destroyed = 28, ev_destroy_fortification =29 )

NOTE: Animals not record KILL/KILLED and does not depend on colour (players/PCs sides). It would be better if they were ignored only if they have gray colour (nature side). ( or count everything )

Add record start game state. (maybe)

Add save last record in while when the game is over (if 10 seconds havn't passed the last change of the record is missing)